Newsletter – October 2023



MGRA Advogados provides insights into recent housing law changes, including Law no. 56/2023 and Decree-Law no. 91/2023 impacting credit agreements for permanent housing. Navigate related legislations (57/2023, 60/2023, 60-A/2023) and the notable Court of Justice Judgment (Case C-312/22) on interest income taxation.

Newsletter – September 2023


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Stay informed about recent legal and regulatory updates in Portugal, covering civil law, taxation, industrial property, and healthcare. Explore the latest changes in laws and regulations impacting various sectors.

Newsletter – August 2023


August saw significant legislative developments in Portugal, including the approval of the Major Options Law for 2023-2026, the establishment of the legal framework for sports companies, and amendments to the Statute of the Administrative and Tax Courts. Notable laws include those strengthening mechanisms against violence in sport, enhancing protection for victims of sex crimes, and completing the transposition of various EU directives on criminal procedure. The Constitutional Court also made a key ruling on drug possession sanctions. Additionally, changes were introduced related to European funds programming, recognition of foreign academic degrees, and regulations for the transportation of children and young people

Newsletter – July 2023


July Legislative Highlights: Decent Work Agenda Regulation, Mental Health Law Approval, and Legal Reforms – Catch up on the latest legal developments including the regulation of the Decent Work Agenda, approval of the Mental Health Law with amendments to related legislation, changes to the Criminal Code, Execution of Sentences, and more. Also featured are noteworthy cases and miscellaneous approvals, from COVID-19 law cessation to tax cooperation amendments and addiction reduction plans.

Newsletter – June 2023


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Stay informed about the latest legislative developments. Learn about the establishment of the Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum, I.P. (A.I.M.A, I.P.) and the transposition of Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the digital single market. Explore other notable legislative measures and a significant constitutional court judgment. Stay updated with the adaptation of professional association statutes.

Newsletter – February 2023



The month of February was marked, at the legislative level, by the publication of the Decree-Law no. 10/2023, of February 08, which establishes rules for the implementation of the State Budget for 2023 and the publication of the Ordinance no. 48/2023, of February 15, which defines and regulates the terms and conditions for granting support to families.