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In September, the Regulatory Decree No. 9/2018 of September 11 was published, modifying the regulation of the legal regime of entry, stay, exit and deportation of foreign nationals from the national territory. Some of the most significant changes were related to the residence visas for citizens of other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Ordinance no. 259/2018 of September 13 was also published, providing access to information in electronic support of the National Registry of Legal Persons, by the Online Certificate of Legal Person. This service allows to request online the information registered in the Central Registry of Companies. Such registry should be updated, as imposed by law.

Finally, it is worth to mention the Ordinance no. 267/2018 of 20 September, which amends the regulation regarding electronic access to the Courts of Justice and Administrative and Tax Courts (Citius and SITAF).

During September, it was known the judgment of the Constitutional Court No. 376/2018, of September 18 which declared the unconstitutionality of one of the provision of Law no. 34/2013, of 16 May, which establishes the regime of the exercise of private security activity. The ruling of the Court of Appeal of Coimbra of September 11, case no. 6928/15.6T8CBR.C1 is also worth mention, since it discusses the situation where the lessee can request the payment of works to the real estate landlord.

Finally, in miscellaneous, please note the approval of a decree-Law which transposes in Portugal the European Directive on the payment services in the internal market (Directive 2015/2366), which foresees the creation of a European payment market.


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