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Decree-Law no. 59/2018 of August 2: Approves the Code of Mutual Associations.

Law no. 39/2018 of August 8: Establishes a minimum term of 120 days in advance for the availability of the digital forms of responsibility of the Tax and Customs Authority, modifying the General Tax Law.

Law no. 42/2018 of August 9: Authorizes the Government to approve a special tax regime for maritime transport activity and tax benefits applicable to crew members.

Law no. 43/2018 of August 9: Extends the validity of certain tax benefits, changing the Tax Benefits Statute.

Law no. 44/2018 of August 9: Strengthens the legal and penal protection of the privacy of private life on the Internet (amendment to the Penal Code).

Law no. 45/2018 of August 10: Implements a legal regime of the activity of individual and remunerated transportation of passengers in vehicles uncharacterized from electronic platforms.

Law no. 47/2018 of 13 August: Electoral census of Portuguese Foreign Residents (fifth amendment to Law no. 13/99, of 22 March, which establishes the legal regime of
electoral census).

Ordinance no. 228/2018 of August 13: Approves the model of real estate agency agreement.

Law no. 49/2018 of August 14: Creates the legal system of the major accompanied, eliminating the institutes of interdiction and inability, under the Civil Code, approved by Decree-Law No. 47344, of November 25, 1966.

Law no. 50/2018 of 16 August: Framework Law about the transference of powers to local authorities and inter-municipal bodies.

Law no. 51/2018, of August 16: Amends the Local Finance Law, approved by Law no. 73/2013, of September 3, and the code of Municipal Tax over Real Estate, approved by Decree-Law no. 287/2003 of 12 November.

Law no. 60/2018 of August 21: Approves measures to promote equal remuneration for women and men for equal work or of equal value and proceeds to the first amendment to Law no. 10/2001, of May 21, establishing an annual report on equal opportunities for men and women, to Law no. 105/2009, of 14 September, which regulates and amends the Labor Code, and Decree-Law no. 76/2012, of March 26, which approves the organization of the Commission for Equality in Work and Employment.

Ordinance no. 233/2018 of August 21: Regulates the Legal Regime of the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership (Legal Regime of the RCBE), approved by Law no. 89/2017, of August 21.

Law no. 62/2018 of August 22: Changes the system of authorization for exploration of local accommodation establishments, and the second amendment to Decree-Law no. 128/2014, of August 29.


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