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Decree-Law no. 28/2018, of May 3: Creates the Social Innovation Fund.

Law no. 21/2018, of May 8:  Fit the minimum banking services regime to the needs of bank customers, the fifth amendment to Decree-Law No. 27-C/2000, of Mach 10.

Ordinance no. 131/2018, of May 10:  Establish the rules and model contained in Annex I to the present Order and of which it forms an integral part, applicable to the procedure of prior notification of the start of activity of the collaborative financing platforms in the donation and / or reward modalities enshrined in Law No. 102 / 2015, of August 24, as amended by Law no. 3/2018, of February 9.

Decree-Law no. 33/2018, of May 15: Establishes the rules for the execution of the State Budget for 2018.

Law no. 23/2018 of June 05: Establishes the right to compensation for infringement of the Competition Rules transposing the Directive 2014/104/EU, of European Parliament and Council of November 26, 2014, about the rules of governing actions for damages under national law for infringement of Competition Rules provisions of the Member States and the European Union, and the first amendment to law No. 19/2012 of 8 may, approving the new legal regime of Competition, and the fourth amendment to law No. 62/2013 of 26 August, Organization of the Judiciary System.

Ordinance No. 176/2018 of 20 June: Amends Ordinance No. 1451/2002, of November 11, about the old-age savings plan.

Decree-Law no. 50/2018 of June 25: Amends Decree-Law no. 131/2009, of June 1, extending the scope of application of the right of the lawyers to the adjournment of procedural acts.

Decree-Law no. 51/2018 of 25 June: Amends the Civil Registration code.

Decree-Law no. 52/2018 of 25 June:  Amends the National Company Registry and creates the certificate online for Legal Persons.


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