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Law no. 7/2018, of March 2: Establishes the legal regime for the conversion of credits into capital.

Law no. 8/2018, of March 2: Extra-Legal Regime for the Recovery of Companies (Changes the Tax Code on Corporate Income and the Code of Value Added Tax).

Ordinance No. 64/2018, of March 5: Approves the new declaration form and its instructions, designated by Payment Flows Value (Model 40), to fulfil the obligation referred to in paragraph 4 of article 63. -A of the General Tax Law.

Ordinance no. 67/2018, of March 7: Establishes the rules governing the purchase and sale of companion animals, as well as the rules required for the commercial rearing of animals, in order to obtain a number of registration.

Decree-Law no. 17/2018, of 8 March: Establishes the regime for access and exercise of the activity of travel agencies and tourism, transposing Directive 2015/2302.

Decree-Law no. 19/2018, of March 14: Changes the legal regime of granting and issuing passports.

Ordinance no. 46/2015, of March 16: First amendment of Administrative Rule no. 278/2013, of August 26, which regulates the processing of the acts and the terms of the inventory process in the notary offices, under the regime Law of the Inventory Process approved by Law no. 23/2013, of March 5th.

Law no. 14/2018, of March 19: Changes the legal regime applicable to the transfer of business or establishment and reinforces the rights of workers, making the thirteenth amendment to the Labour Code, approved in annex to Law No. 7 / 2009, of February 12.


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