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IV.1. Doctrine
IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications

António Monteiro Fernandes, Escritos de Direito de Trabalho, Almedina, 2018;
Francisco António de M. L. Ferreira de Almeida, Direito Administrativo, Almedina, 2018;
Sara Rodrigues Campos, (In)admissibilidade de provas ilícitas, Almedina, 2018;
Estudos em comemoração dos 100 anos do Tribunal da Relação de Coimbra, Almedina, março 2018.


IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia

Circular Letter No. 20199 of March 7, 2018 of the General Deputy Director of the Directorate of Services of the Personal Income Tax.
Subject: IRS – Model IRS Statement 3 Effective January 2018.

Information note dated March 12, 2018 of the Director of corporate Income Tax Services
Subject: Reduction of Special Payment on Account (PEC) in the tax period of 2018.

Circular Letter No. 30199 of March 20, 2018, of the General Deputy Director of the Tax Management Area – VAT
Subject: VAT – Contribution to the audiovisual sector.


IV.2. Miscellaneous
Economy, Finance and Taxation

The Council of Ministers approved the draft of four investment tax contracts to be concluded between the Portuguese State and the following commercial companies:

  • Iber King Company, in the framework of the creation of 26 catering establishments, in a total investment of 32 million euros, promoting the creation of 676 jobs until December 31, 2025, as well as the maintenance of the current 802 jobs. The contract assigns an IRC tax credit of 21.81%, up to the maximum amount of 6 006 758.65 euros;
  • Iberusa Company, for the creation of 10 new catering establishments, by granting an IRC tax credit of 19.12%, up to a maximum amount of 1 104 214.89 euros, associated with an overall investment of 10, 5 million euros, allocating, promoting the creation of 250 jobs until December 31, 2025, as well as the maintenance of the current 1662 jobs;
  • Benteler – Automotive Components Industry, assigning a tax credit in IRC of 10%, considering a total investment of 6.35 million euros, applied in the establishment of a new industrial unit, located in Palmela, to produce components for the Volkswagen model launched in 2017. The contract resulted in the creation of 88 permanent jobs until December 31, 2019 and the maintenance of the existing 98;
  • Sociedad Navigator Tissue Cacia, in the scope of construction and equipment of a new autonomous industrial unit, with an investment of 120 467 103.79 euros, granting a tax credit in IRC of 10%, up to the maximum amount of 11 515 879.38 euros, promoting the creation of 133 jobs until December 31, 2021.a proposed law that changes the functioning and framework of entities for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes and also the draft law establishing the legal framework for the security of cyberspace, transposing Directive 2016/1148 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2016.

These business projects represent a global investment of more than 169 million euros, allowing the creation of 1147 new jobs by 2025 and the maintenance of the current 2562 jobs.

Also, was approved by the Council of Ministers the Law proposal wish ensures the implementation in the national legal order of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, also repealing the Law of Protection of Personal Data and adopting the solutions that the Portuguese State considers more appropriate for the protection of the rights of personal data holders in the context of the competitiveness of Portuguese companies within the framework of the European Union.

Was approved in this Council of Ministers the Resolution that defines technical guidelines for the Public Administration regarding the security architecture of networks and information systems related to personal data, as well.

Approves the draft law that changes the status of judicial magistrates.

Was approved the Decree-Law establishing the Support Fund for Tourism and Cinema.

Was approved the legislative proposal authorizing the Government to establish a new legal regime for payment services and electronic money, transposing the EU Directive No. 2015/2366.

Portugal and European Commission launch pilot project to boost qualifications: The joint declaration of the Portuguese Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission on a pilot project in the field of reforms related to the Portuguese vocational education and training system was signed. March 23, 2018.



Ibero-American IP Program – Opening of Competition: Opening of a competition for the contracting of digital communication service.

Annual Statistical Report: The INPI makes available the Annual Statistical Report 2017.



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