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Decree-Law no. 5/2018 of February 2: Establishes the criteria defining the process of receiving, returning and exchanging used bottles of liquefied petroleum gas and the terms of mandatory marketing, at the filling stations for road vehicles, of liquefied petroleum gas bottled.


Regional Regulatory Decree no. 3/2018/A of February 5: Execution of the Budget of the Autonomous Region of the Azores for 2018.

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 34/2018 of February 6: Establishes an Eventual Follow-up Committee for the Process of Definition of the “Portugal 2030 Strategy” The post-2020 multiannual financial framework.

Ordinance no. 42/2018 of February 6: Allocation of funds for social games in the year 2018.

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic No. 35/2018 of February 7: Recommends to the Government that within the framework of the European Union it should integrate permanent structured cooperation on security and defence.

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 36/2018 of February 7: Recommends that the Government urgently assess the consequences of the process of merging careers of Public Administration in schools.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 11-A/2018, of February 7: Authorizes the necessary expenditure to ensure the execution of several measures related to the preparation and operationalization of the fire prevention and fighting campaign of 2018.

Law no. 3/2018 of February 9: Defines the sanctioning regime applicable to the development of the collaborative financing activity and proceeds to the first amendment to Law no. 102 / 2015, of August 24, which approves the legal regime of collaborative financing.

Law no. 4/2018 of February 9: Legal regime for the evaluation of the gender impact in normative acts.

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic No. 42/2018 of February 15: Recommends to the Government that it implement a program of unbureaucratization and support to micro, small and medium enterprises.

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 44/2018 of February 15: Recommends the Government to find solutions to solve the situation of the unqualified in the scope of the processes of BES / GES and BANIF.

Ordinance no. 51/2018 of February 16: Ordinance that changes the set of documents that are part of the fiscal dossier referred to in article 1 of the Ordinance 92-A / 2011, of February 28, and approves the models of the map referred to in paragraph a) of paragraph 1 of article 12 of Decree-Law no. 66/2016, of November 3.

Ordinance no. 52/2018 of February 21: updates the reference value of the RSI for 2018.

Ordinance no. 53/2018 of February 21: updates the CSI reference value for 2018.

Law no. 6/2018 of February 22: Statute of the mediator of business recovery.


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