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Law no. 36/2017 of June 2:  Guarantees the exercise of the rights of beneficiaries of the free using of work, proceeding to the 12nd amendment of the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, approved by the Decree-Law n.º 63/85 of March 14.



Law no. 188/2017 of June 2:  Regulates the communication by electronic means between the Registry Offices and the Public Prosecutors, as well as the practice of procedural acts by the Judicial Magistrates through electronic means, concerning the exercise of parental responsibilities related to minor children or the amendment of agreement previously homologated.



Decree-Law no. 54/2017 of June 2:  Establishes the « cooperativa na hora».



Law no. 43/2017 of June 14: Amends the Civil Code, approved by the Decree-Law no. 47 344, of November 25, 1966, and proceeds to the 4th amendment of the Law no. 6/2006, of February 27, which approves the New Urban Lease Regime, and the fifth amendment of the Decree-Law no. 157/2006, of August 8, which approves the legal framework of maintenance works in rented buildings.



Decree-Law no. 68/2017 of June 16:  Establishes the Electronic Judicial Certificate, loosens the emission of certificates concerning the Online Criminal Register and improves the capacity of the Information System of the Portuguese Classification on Economical activities.



Decree-Law no. 77/2017 of June 30: Establishes measures to reinforce the dynamism of the Portuguese capital market, willing to diversify the sources of financing companies.



Decree-Law no. 79/2017 of June 30:  Amends the Commercial Companies Code and the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Code.



Decree-Law no. 80/2017 of June 30:  Establishes the measure Simplex+ «Licenciamentos Turísticos+Simples», amending the Legal Framework of Touristic Projects.



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