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Law no. 13/2017 of May 2:  Proceeds to the 2nd amendment of the framework of criminal responsibility for behaviors which may affect the truth, the loyalty and the correction of the competition and its result on the sport activity and proceeds to the 1st amendment of the framework of games and online bets and the practice of sport betting on a territorial basis.


Law no. 15/2017 of May 3:  Bans the issuance of bearer securities and amends the Securities Market Code, approved by the Decree-Law no. 486/99, November 13, and the Code of Commercial Companies, approved by the Decree-Law no. 262/86, September 2.


Law no. 16/2017 of May 3:  Extends the compulsory registration of the banks’ shareholders to the identification of the effective beneficiaries  of entities that participate in its capital, proceeding to the forty-second amendment of the Legal Framework for Credit Institutions and Financial Companies.


Ordinance no. 153/2017 of May 4: Establishes the Maximum Guaranteed Response Times at the National Health Service (NHS) for all kinds of healthcare services without character of urgency and approves and publish the Letter of Access to the Healthcare Rights by the user of the NHS.


Law no. 17/2017 of May 3:  Proceeds to the 1st amendment of the Law no. 22/2013, of February 26, which establishes the statute of judicial administrator, treating the judicial administrators as the enforcement officers, namely for the access to the electronic register of enforcement proceedings and for the consultation of the data bases.


Law no. 24/2017 of May 24: Amends the Civil Code promoting the urgent regulation of parental responsibilities in situations of domestic violence and proceeds to the fifth amendment to the Law no. 112/2009, of September 16, to the twentieth amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code, to the first amendment to the Legal Framework of the Civil Process and to the second amendment to the Law no. 75/98 of November 19.


Decree-Law no. 51/2017 of May 25:  Establishes an extraordinary framework of registry regularization of real estate owned by the private domain of the State and other public entities.


Law no. 28/2017 of May 30:  Revises the compliance system of securities law.


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