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IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications

Pedro Gonçalves e Paulo Otero, “Tratado de Direito Administrativo Especial. Volume VII”, Almedina, 2017;

Rui Pinto, “O recurso civil. Uma teoria geral” AADFL, 2017;

Maria Luísa Duarte, “Direito do Contencioso da União Europeia”, AADFL, 2017.


IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia

Circulated Letter No 15581/2017, of April 13, of Direction of Customs Regulation Services, Circulation of Goods Division

Subject: Procedures for Importation of Fresh Bananas in the European Union.

Circulate Letter No nº 20195, of April 19, of the Direction of Services of the Corporate Income Tax

Subject: Corporate Income Tax – Surtax on taxable income of the 2016 tax period.

Circulate Letter No 15584/2017, of April 24, of the Direction of Customs Taxation Services, Nomenclature and Tariff Management Division

Subject: Exchange rates for the determination of customs value, as from 1 of May


IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation

It was approved the decree-law that amends the Procedure of Portuguese Nationality and establishes and specifies how to implement several aspects laid down in the amendments of the Nationality Law, approved by the Organic Laws no. 8/2015 of June 22 and no. 9/2015 of July 29.

It was approved three acts within the scope of the administrative simplification strategy, fulfilling the purpose of strengthening, simplifying, and digitalizing the Public Administration, making it more efficient and facilitating the citizens’ lives and companies. Holders of diplomatic passports, signed in New Delhi, on January 6, 2017.

The Council of Ministers approved the final and complete versions of the National Program of Retirement for 2017-2020 and of the Stability Program.

It was approved the Decree-Law that implements into the national legal system the Directive no. 2014/90/UE, of the European Parliament and the Council, of July 23, 2014, related to the marine equipment to manufacture and market in national territory or to install in national boats.



Renewal of the Certification of Quality of INPI

Risk Management Plan of Corruption and Related Offences – 2017


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