BRIEFS – February 2017-

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IV.1. Doctrine

IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications
Andreia Isabel Dias Barbosa, “A prestação e a constituição de garantias do procedimento e no processo tributário”, Almedina, 2017;

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia

DOCTRINAL STATEMENT, art. 18th of the CIVA, Case no. 11595, by order of 2017-02-10, of the Director of VAT Services, by sub-delegation of the General Director of the Tax and Customs Authority – AT.

Subject: Taxes – Purchase of raw materials for the elaboration of prosthesis and transmission of the final product to clinics or dentists; Absence of transmission of such goods to final consumers.

IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation

The Council of Ministers approved a draft law which establishes the new Statute of the Militaries of the Nacional Republican Guard.

The Council of Ministers approved a draft law that establishes the transfer of competences to the local government and the local authorities.


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