BRIEF – December 2016

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IV.1. Doctrine

IV.1.1 Monographs and Periodicals

Professor Dr. Gonçalo Saraiva Matias, “Citizenship as a Human Right. The Fundamental Right to a Specific Citizenship”, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

IV.1.2. General Guidelines & Cia

Circular no. 5/2016, within the scope of Process nr. 5820/2016 of 2016-12-16, of the Directorate of Services of the Tax on the Income of Individuals (DSIRS).

Diploma: CIRS

Subject: Mandatory Discounts for Legal Subsystems of Health – ADSE

IV.2. Miscellany

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Taxation

Was approved the resolution that under the State Budget for 2017, authorize the IGCP to issue public debt, in accordance with the limits and with the purposes established in that Law.

The Council of Ministers has approved six draft resolutions that will implement the largest set of investment contracts in the last two years, worth approximately 215 million euros, signed with the following business groups:

  • Celulose Beira Industrial, for the installation of a new line of peeling and shredding of wood, promoting a significant increase of the energy efficiency and an improvement of the process downstream of manufacture of cellulosic pulp;
  • Celtejo – Empresa de Celulose do Tejo, for the realization of investments that will translate into the introduction of innovative technologies and the development of new and more efficient processes and to allow a reduction of the impact of the company’s activity on greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Faurecia – Sistemas de Escape Portugal, for the incorporation of new, more flexible and efficient production technologies which will contribute to more environmentally friendly vehicles;
  • Fibope Portuguesa – Filmes Biorientados, for the implementation of an innovative technology in the production of bioriented film;
  • Eurocast Portugal, for the construction of a new industrial unit for casting high-pressure aluminum parts.
  • Waratah, for the acquisition and operation of a Ship-Hotel equipped with the latest navigation, communication and security technology, integrating innovative solutions for environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The new investments will allow the creation of 525 jobs and the maintenance of 854, contributing to the creation of wealth in six different districts. In addition to the strong focus on innovation, these projects will also allow the export capacity of the portuguese economy to be strengthened, having a positive impact on the trade balance and contributing to the reduction of regional asymmetries.

The Council of Ministers also approved the Portuguese Industry Training Program (CITec), as a fundamental instrument for passing knowledge of higher education institutions to companies.

The CITec Program aims at financially strengthening the activities and structures of the ITC Centers and highly qualified human resources for ITC and the development of new areas of expertise, including energy efficiency, the promotion of the economy Circulation and digitalization of the economy.

The Council of Ministers also started the final process of formalizing Portugal’s accession to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a new multilateral financing institution whose objective is to promote economic development and regional integration in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, thereby contributing to meeting part of the financing needs of infrastructure projects in the region.         

The adhesion to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank enables the presence and defense of national interests in this new multilateral institution focused on infrastructures in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, supporting the participation of companies, financial institutions and national consultants in the business opportunities generated In the scope of the Bank’s financing in the region, which, as a whole, presents the greatest growth momentum in the Gross Domestic Product.

Membership in this international financial institution also means strengthening the strategic relationship with the People’s Republic of China, a partner with which direct investment and trade links have been strengthened. Portugal was one of the fifty countries that signed the Agreement Establishing the Bank in June 2015. In this way, Portugal will subscribe 650 actions, in the amount of 65 million dollars, of which 130 shares in capital stock worth 13 million dollars.

Lastly, the Council of Ministers unanimously approved the Decree-Law that updates the National Minimum Wage for 2017, making use of the electronic deliberation option provided for in the terms of the Council of Ministers Regulation.


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