BRIEF – September 2016

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IV.1. Doctrine

IV.1.1. Monographs and Periodic Publications

Márcia Trabulo, Esmeralda Nascimento, BDJUR Forms of Highway Responsability, Portuguese Edition, published in September 2016 – ISBN 9789724066875.

IV.1.2. Generic Guidelines & Cia

IV.2. Miscellaneous

IV.2.1. Economy, Finance and Tax

The Ministers Council approved a set of deals of agreements related to Exchange of information of Tax Matters signed by Portuguese Republic and the Governments of Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, States of Guernsey and the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The Ministers Council approved the “Government Conduct Code” which aims to fix a guiding document, the experience already and repeated on the political positions. It reaffirms, this way, the principles and duties already enshrined on the actual Ordinance relating with the insurance of total Independence, transparency, exemption and impartiality on the pursuance of public interest. On the other hand, it becomes clear the behaviors to adopt on potential border areas.

Through that resolution, the Government defines the conduct orientations to the Government Members, to their department Members and, indirectly, to the others higher leaders of Public Administration given, on that way, execution to the aim of appreciate the exercise of  Public offices to improve the quality of the democracy and increase the citizen’s trust on Public Institutions.

The Ministers Council Approved the preliminary draft of the Planning Options Plan, that it was sent for analyses and opinion of the Social and economic Council.

The Council approved, too, the draft law that established the transitory legal framework applicable to the declarations of the personal income tax relating to the year 2015 with the intention of predict the possibility of the presentation of the incomes declaration with the opinion of the joint taxation, out of deadline provided on the Personal Income Tax Code.

Consecutively, the Council Approved the decree-law that regulates the legal framework of the Municipal Police of Lisbon and Oporto, legal document that establishes the legal framework of these policies, constituted exclusively by people with police duties of the Public Security Police (PSP), whom keep the status of professional of police of the PSP, being susceptible to the disciplinary and evaluation Regulation, to the Code of ethics and the Continence and Honors Regulation of PSP. The decree-law still defines the form of recruitment and the remuneration scheme, as well as the general principles of their organization.

It approved the decree law that establishes the operating rules of the Law’s Implementations Unit of the budgetary framework, created by the Ordinance nº 151/2015 of 11th September.

The Operation’s Model adopted settles on a temporary and non-remunerated structure, which is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of different projects needed to the effective implementation of the Budgetary Framework’s Ordinance.

At last, the Ministers Council approved the new Regulation about the entrance of navy ships and foreign military aircrafts in national land, which comes to proceed to the update of a decree older than 40 years, whose scheme, applicable in peacetime, had a lack of adoption to the latest changes on the political and military Government Organization and to the international obligations assumed by Portugal.


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